2016 Ferrari F12tdf

The F12 Berlinetta is a grand tourer build by Ferrari which also happens to be one of the most powerful naturally aspirated cars in the World. It has first been released back in 2012 and its engine won numerous awards thanks to its sheer amount of power and smoothness. However, because Ferrari is always trying to improve their models, they released a few weeks ago the 2016 Ferrari F12tdf which is a special edition for the usual F12. Unlike with the 50 or 100 units runs, the tdf will be built in 799 units which is unusually high for a special edition.

2016 Ferrari F12tdf Price

However, the car will come with a lot of extras and it will basically be an entirely new model even though it keeps the F12 name. The running gear has been completely revamped, the engine comes with a lot of extras and the bodywork is more than 80% new. The price has also been set accordingly so the 2016 Ferrari F12tdf, or tour de France, will likely cost at least $200,000 over the base sticker price of the F12 which is quite high already at more than $320,000.

Ferrari F12tdf Engine

2016 Ferrari F12tdf Engine

Just as we said, the engine for the 2016 Ferrari F12tdf comes with a lot of new features so it develops a lot more power. In fact, it is the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever put into a production car. The 6.3 liter V12 offers a stunning output of 770 horsepower and 519 lb-ft of torque which is now available from as low as 2,500 rpm. This is thanks to a variable length intake system, a completely new air filter, a new intake housing and bigger throttle bodies. The car also comes with hydraulic valve lifters which help it deliver that torque from such a low rpm. The gearbox on the other hand is the same 7 speed dual-clutch automatic as before but it now offers slightly better response times. The official 0 to 60 MPH time has been set at 2.9 seconds and its top speed has been quoted to be over 211 MPH.

The engine is not the only new addition to the F12tdf though. The running gear has also been upgraded as well. The front suspension arms are lighter, the car now comes with the same brakes as those found on the LaFerrari and it sits a bit lower than usual. The biggest change though is the rear wheel steering system which Ferrari calls “Short Wheelbase System”. This basically allows it to take sharper turns at higher speeds without losing traction.

2016 Ferrari F12tdf Exterior

F12 Ferrari

On the exterior, its body seems to be all new and this is mostly true. While the shape of it did not change all that much and it still looks like an F12, all the details have been changed. The front bumper now includes a massive splitter as well as a bigger intake than usual. The hood has four different exhausts which direct air either straight up or to the back of the car for added downforce. The rear fenders also get three exhausts each which evacuate the hot air produced by the rear brakes. The back received a bigger wing than usual as well as a massive diffuser. The wheels are also new and they are made for a lightweight alloy to minimize weight.

Ferrari F12 tdf 2016

F12tdf 2016 Interior

The interior of the 2016 Ferrari F12tdf has been stripped down in order to add to the 250 pounds loss over the usual F12. Instead of the usual leather the car comes with Alcantara upholstery, the seats are wrapped in technical fabric and instead of aluminum there is only carbon fiber. Ferrari also removed the floor mats as well as most of the sound insulation to help the F12 lose weight without compromising its performance.

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