2016 Maserati Alfieri Release Date And Price

Maserati managed to double its sales figures with the help of the new Quattroporte and the Ghibli and they are planning to add a couple of new models by the end of 2016. One of these is the 2016 Maserati Alfieri which is named after one of the three brothers which first opened their workshop more than 100 years ago. The car will be slotted under the current GranTurismo and it is expected to become one of their best selling models. So far there are not that many details available about it even though a concept car has been presented at the Geneva Auto Show, back in 2014.

Release Date And Price

It seems that the car will share most of its platform with the upcoming GranTurismo but it will have a 9.6 inches shorter wheelbase in order to give it better handling and also to make it smaller than the massive GranTurismo. However, just like its bigger brother, the car is expected to be a 2+2 model as well, even though the rear seats are likely going to be unusable for average sized people. The release date is likely going to be at the next Geneva Auto Show and the car should be ready for production by the end of the year. The price will start at around $100,000 and the car will be aimed directly at the AMG GT and the Porsche 911.

2016 Maserati Alfieri Engine

2016 Maserati Alfieri Engine

Under its hood, Maserati confirmed that it will get a V6 engine which will be available in three different tuning stages. The base model of the 2016 Maserati Alfieri will come with 410 horsepower, the middle one will offer 450 horsepower while the top of the range version will be able to make as much as 520 horsepower. The torque figures and the displacement of the engine are unknown. However, we suspect that for the first two versions of the car, Maserati will use the same 3 liter V6 found in the Ghibli and in the more powerful version, they will likely developed a larger V6 which could have up to 3.6 liters in displacement.

It has also been confirmed that only the most basic model will come with rear wheel drive. All the others will use an all wheel drive system as standard and all the cars will come with an 8 speed automatic sourced by ZF. Performance should be on par with its competitors and the top of the range model is expected to be the fastest accelerating car in its class thanks to the four wheel drive system.

Exterior of Maserati Alfieri

New Alfieri 2016

The design of the car will most likely be similar to that of the concept car released back in 2014, at least in the front where the design will also be carried over to their other models. Some rumors even suggested a shooting brake design for the car which would allow for the 2+2 configuration but it would not make much sense in its class. Instead, we expect a shorter coupe than the GranTurismo which will be similar in terms of design with a long hood and a short back to complement the GT styling.

Interior Design

Alfieri Interior

Alfieri Interior

The interior of the 2016 Maserati Alfieri will be interesting to say the least. While so far there aren’t any details available about the car, it seems that it could share most of the interior components with the cheaper Ghibli. 2016 Maserati Alfieri will get a similar looking dashboard but better materials all around the cabin. It will come with standard leather upholstery with sport seats in the front and at the back, aluminum inserts and even carbon fiber on the sportier versions of the car. The only drawback we see is that it will most likely offer a really small trunk which may be a deal-breaker in this class.

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