2016 McLaren 650S Can Am Price And Release Date

The 650S has been announced back in 2014 and since then it quickly became their best selling model. In order to further boost their sales and keep their fans interested, the British car manufacturer announced a few weeks back the release of the 2016 McLaren 650S Can Am edition. This limited edition series of cars is only going to consist out of 50 vehicles. McLaren will start selling them in the early 2016 and they do expect the cars to sell in no time at all, especially since the 675LT edition sold in less than a week.

2016 McLaren 650S Can Am Review

McLaren 650S Can Am

So far we only know the pricing for the US model which is going to cost a jaw-dropping $340,000, even more than what the 675LT cost. However, at this price point the car will come with a new exterior, slight changes to its interior and the same great engine as the usual 650S. On top of that it will have the added value of being a limited edition model which will make it grow in value with the passing of time.

Exterior of McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S Can Am 2016

The exterior of the special edition of the 650S is probably the biggest change over the normal model. This comes with an entirely new body kit which is there to make it look more aggressive and also provide more downforce. The front bumper is now different and it includes a bigger carbon fiber splitter. There are also quite a few more carbon fiber bits such as the front hood, the rear bumper, the side-skirts as well as the rear spoiler and air-brake. The car also comes with the first carbon-fiber hard-top ever made which for this particular model is electric. The rear exhaust now consists out of four stainless steel pipes which are nicely integrated into the rear grille.

Colors And Interior

Another novelty are the wheels which are unique to the Can Am model and recreate those found on the 1960s race-cars. The 2016 McLaren 650S Can Am will be available in three different colors which will include Onyx Black, Mars Red and Papaya Spark. As a special request, McLaren will also be able to supply the cars with full racing liveries similar to those on the original McLaren race cars from back in the day. The interior of the 650S is quite similar to the usual model with a few minor additions such as a few new Can-Am badges as well as a blacked-out scheme which complement the carbon fiber on the exterior.

2016 McLaren 650S Can Am Interior

2016 McLaren 650 Can Am Engine

In terms of performance the 2016 McLaren 650S Can Am is pretty much the standard 650S with no additional power. The engine is the same 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 which offers 641 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque which is enough to get the special edition model to 60 MPH in 3 seconds flat and up to a maximum top speed of little over 200 MPH. Even though McLaren did not confirm its top speed, we expect it to be slightly lower than that of the base model, especially with the added drag of the new body kit which will offer better cornering performance at the expense of straight line speed. The engine will send the power to the rear wheels via the already usual 7 speed dual-clutch automatic which in our opinion is one of the better on the market.

As standard the 2016 McLaren 650S Can Am and its special edition come with carbon-ceramic disc brakes at all four corners, an adaptive suspension system with electronic sway bars which will assure that the car responds to all inputs perfectly. As an addition there are the specially designed Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires which will improve grip on dry tarmac significantly, the only drawback being that these tires are not that great on wet surfaces.

2016 McLaren 650S Can Am

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