2016 McLaren P14 Price Release Date

McLaren is definitely a carmaker that takes the automotive headlines by storm and even though it has just recently released the 650S, it is getting ready to launch another excellent car called the 2016 McLaren P14. The new P14 will arrive as a replacement for the 650S model. If the rumors are true, the P14 will be a junior P1. Details about the vehicle are still scarce, but some rumors have been circulating for a while, so where’s smoke-there’s fire, the P14 will arrive sooner or later. The P14 could arrive in 2015 as the 2016 model. Let’s try to figure out how the new 2016 McLaren P14 could look like and what kind of engine could be placed under its hood. Stay tuned!

2016 McLaren P14 Exterior

2017 McLaren P14 Spy

There are some rumors that McLaren will soon introduce a radically-styled vehicle that should arrive as a replacement for the 650S but details about the exterior design haven’t been released. The only thing we certainly know is that the company’s new design language will be showcased. This design language will probably work its way into the company’s future vehicles and models. McLaren’s upcoming P14 will use the company’s carbon fiber tub. It is quite possible that the vehicle will wear lower-profile bodywork. The company’s design director Frank Stephenson confirmed that the vehicle will look even crazier than the venerable P1 supercar. He has also announced that we can expect a completely new design cues to endure this time. We know that you still don’t have the clear picture of the new 2016 McLaren P14 but not a single photo of the vehicle has been released yet and that’s all we can say about the vehicle at this moment. It is high time for the company to say something about the new P14 if they intend to launch it in 2015.

2016 McLaren P14


As you can guess, details about the interior are even scarcer than details about the exterior changes. We expect that the cabin of the newcomer will be covered in high end materials and stuffed with latest technological features. We are quite sure that a lot of attention will be paid to safety features because the vehicle will be extremely fast.

McLaren P14 2017

McLaren P14 Engine

It is believed that the upcoming 2016 McLaren P14 will be powered by an improved version of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 power unit. If they place this engine under the P14’s hood, it will be able to crank out more than 661 hp.

McLaren P14 Side

2016 McLaren P14 Price

The price of the 2016 McLaren P14 will vary from $300,000 to $350,000.

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