2016 PSC Motors SP-200 SIN

PSC Motors is a rather new company that seeks the dominance with its hyper car that cranks out 2,400 hp called the SP-200. Well, the vehicle definitely needs a catchier name, but who cares about the name when it reaches 0-60 mph in only 2.6 seconds and has a top speed of 280 mph, right? The newcomer will have a sleek and excellently proportioned look. Only 35 units will be produced, so read the article below carefully and if the vehicle excites you, do not hesitate to buy it. The beast’s production starts sometime in 2016. Let’s check more details about it.

2016 PSC Motors SP-200 SIN Exterior

2016 PSC Motors SP-200 SIN


PSC Motors have finally revealed a prototype of the car and more details about it. They later revealed more renderings, but those were basically the same pictures but in different paint colors. We have already mentioned that the shape of the vehicle will be well-proportioned and sleek. The vehicle will measure 14.4 feet in length and 6.5 feet in width. Its proportion doesn’t make it compact, but thanks to carbon-fiber and aluminum that are used throughout, it will be lighter than 3,100 pounds. The new 2016 PSC Motors SP-200 SIN will be designed in collaboration with Vanatical Design that consists of only one 15-year-old boy, so all details we have said about the SP-200 SIN simply crumble and everything seems to be one big, poor joke.


Unfortunately, there are no renderings that reveal the way the interior design of the 2016 PSC Motors SP-200 SIN looks like. We would really like to see that craftsmanship and skills. If we judge by other outrageous claims of the company, surfaces inside of the cabin will be covered in unicorn leather, or whatever, but who knows. Only when we see a production car, we will believe that it actually exists and then we will tell you more details about it. Well, the story about the 2016 PSC Motors SP-200 SIN is not over, stay tuned to hear more about vehicle’s drivetrain.

PSC SP-200 SIN concept 2016

2016 PSC Motors SP-200 SIN Engine

Well, since the vehicle was “officially unveiled,” we have known it is powered by a hybrid engine. The combo is good for 1,650 horses. 750 hp of 1,650 come from an electric motor. The engine is teamed up with an 8-speed automatic transmission and power is sent to the rear wheels of the car. We have already mentioned that the car “can” accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.

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