2017 Lincoln Continental Price

Lincoln is currently trying to refresh all of their cars and even add some new models in order to become what Ford calls a “premium manufacturer”. This could finally allow Lincoln to become something more than just a beefed up Ford. One of their first new models to be released is the 2017 Lincoln Continental which will actually replace the MKS which is old, slow and not that refined even though it does cost a fair bit over the Taurus. The new Continental will finally be moved from the Taurus platform which has its roots back in the ’90s to the same platform as the Fusion or the European Mondeo.

2017 Lincoln Continental Review

This move will allow them to build a lighter, more refined and also faster car. The drawback is that it is a front wheel drive platform which is a major drawback, especially since most of their competitors in this class are rear wheel drive which allows them to be better to drive and in some cases more comfortable as well. Lincoln plans to get over this drawback by offering the Continental only in a four wheel drive form which will add to the weight and price of the car but it should provide a secure driving experience even in the harshest of the environments. The price for the car has been rumored to start at just under $60,000 which would make it the second most expensive Lincoln model, right after the Navigator.

Continental 2017 Design

2017 Continental

The design of the 2017 Lincoln Continental will be heavily influenced by the concept car which has been first released earlier this year. Even though the original design has been criticized as being too inspired by the contemporary Bentley cars, we do think that it is a step in the right direction and the marque would greatly benefit from it. The production model is likely going to be slightly shorter and taller than the concept car but a bit wider. This will give its passengers more room and it will also make the car more manageable on tight streets.

We do know for sure that the great looking suicide doors of the concept car will not be present here. However, the rear doors will be longer than usual in order to facilitate access to the rear seats. Most of the interior equipment as well as trimmings will certainly be top of its class and it will be a step above the current Lincoln flagship. As standard the car will certainly come with leather upholstery, aluminum and wood inserts, satellite navigation, a surround audio system and a choice between a four or five seats configuration which will make it a good choice for business people.

2017 Lincoln Continental Interior

2017 Lincoln Continental Engine

The 2017 Lincoln Continental will be the first car to make use of Ford’s all new 3 liter EcoBoost engine. This has been developed from the 2.7 liter unit and it should offer the torque of the 3.5 liter engine while being as fuel efficient as the smaller V6. There are no official performance numbers for the engine but it seems that the car could make around 400 horsepower and up to 400 lb-ft of torque. This is worse than some of its competitors but it should be more than enough for a performance luxury sedan.

The engine will likely be mated to a 9 speed automatic which will send the power to an all wheel drive system, similar to that on the Focus RS but slightly tuned in order to send more of the torque to the front wheels. A more powerful engine could also be introduced in the future with up to 500 horsepower. This will make an interesting car for those looking to get a performance German sedan such as the RS6 or the AMG E Class.

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