Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Price And Specs

Bugatti has been making the Veyron for more than 10 years now and even though it still is an impressive car, it is starting to lose some ground to its younger competitors such as the Porsche 918 or the LaFerrari. In order to showcase their new technologies and also their new design scheme which could be transferred to a production model, they finally released the Bugatti Vision GT concept car which has first been shown in the Gran Turismo GT6 Playstation game. The car is currently nothing more than a concept but VW’s CEO stated that the car could become their next LMP1 racer because it complies with all the FIA rules and regulations which is no easy feat for them.

New Bugatti Vision

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Price

Until then though, the car uses a very similar platform to that of the Veyron but it does come with a completely different styling, a different engine as well as a futuristic interior. The price is unknown, especially since the car is nothing more than a concept. However, if it will ever be produced, the cost could rise to more than $3 million which is a fair price considering how much money VW puts into the development of these cars.


Bugatti Gran Turismo Interior

The interior of the Bugatti Vision GT is one of the features of the car which we do not expect in a production model. Why? Well, because it simply looks to be just too inefficient for everyday use or for racing for that matter. The car has a carbon fiber steering column which is fixed in order to save weight as well as adjustable foot pedals. The seats are also bolted straight to the carbon fiber chassis while the doors open just like those on most other cars out there. However, the steering wheel is similar to that of a small airplane while the instrument cluster is nothing more than an LCD screen which can be customized in order to show any information it needs to. The center console features fighter jet-like buttons and it is the only part of the car which we expect to see on a future production model.

Exterior of Bugatti Gran Turismo

New Bugatti Vision GT

The outside of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is even more impressive than the interior. The design, while futuristic, has been clearly stated to be a preview for their future model. The front end features four LED clusters for each headlight, a really aggressive stance which makes the car quite a bit lower than the production Veyron. The rear of the car has a big fixed wing, a quad-exhaust system as well as a massive diffuser. The wheels are something unique which have a 14-spoke design similar to what we see in Le Mans. The car also comes with a two-tonne body color which replicates the design of the Le-Mans winning Type 57 Bugatti from 1937.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Engine

Under the hood of the unique Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo there is the same engine as in the Veyron. However, it has been noted that if the car will ever race then it will use a smaller mill with a probable electric aid. Also, while VW has not released any output information about the car, they did say that the Vision GT is the only car to be able to reach as much as 250 MPH on three of the straights from Le Mans which is nothing short of amazing. If they will ever release a racing version of the car, we do think that the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo will likely get a smaller 3 liter V6 or even a smaller unit which will be then boosted by an electric motor. This could allow it to develop as much as 800 horsepower with ease and it should allow it to have a similar range to its diesel competitors.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo


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