Nissan GT-R Rainbow

The Nissan GT-R is an already well known car with lots of power and grip and one of the most recognizable names out there. But, what do you do when you want your car to stand out? Well, thanks to the fact it is a well known and loved car, there are a lot of aftermarket tuners for it which offer everything from body-kits all the way up to engine upgrades and interior updates. A special car which caught our eye last month is the Nissan GT-R Rainbow which comes not only with a unique exterior but with a lot of upgrades to its engine as well.

Nissan GTR Rainbow

Nissan GT-R Rainbow Engine

This is based on the latest edition of the car so it already comes with the usual 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine which develops up to 600 horsepower and nearly 500 lb-ft of torque. This particular model adds a different engine management system as well as a few other upgrades such as new turbochargers. The end result is that the car now makes up to 750 horsepower and more than 600 lb-ft of torque which is enough to get it to 60 MPH in around 2 seconds and up to a maximum top speed of 190 MPH. This is due to the extra exterior upgrades which have been done on the car.


Nissan GT-R Rainbow

Speaking of the exterior, this unique Nissan GT-R Rainbow comes with a new color scheme as well as with a new body-kit. The latter is the BenSopra kit which adds wider wheel arches, a massive rear wing, new front and rear bumpers as well as wider wheels than usual. This kit has been made known by appearing in the Fast and the Furious franchise and it does make the car stand out.

Nissan Rainbow

If this was not enough though, the Nissan GT-R Rainbow does come with a unique vinyl wrap. This is not the usual wrap though but it has been made specifically for it. The hood as well as part of the rear quarters are matte-black with small accents on them. The sides of the car and the front bumper though are wrapped in a chrome-accented color which shines in different colors depending on how the light strikes the car. This makes it unique and it certainly gives it a personal touch.

GT-R Rainbow

From what we know so far it seems that other people will also be able to buy which package. Take into account that it does not alter the suspension of the car or even the interior but it does offer a nice boost in power and it makes it look outstanding. The price will likely hover around $25,000 for the entire package.

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