Rezvani Beast Supercar

The Ariel Atom is one of the fastest road going sports cars on the road but for some people it just isn’t enough. Back in 2014, a small American manufacturer started to import Ariel Atom chassis with the intention of building its own supercar. The Rezvani Beast Supercar is probably the most intriguing car to be built in the US because it does not follow any rules. It is lightweight, powerful and very fast and it will likely become one of the most appreciated cars to be built in the US.

Rezvani Supercar

Rezvani Beast Supercar Price

The Rezvani Beast Supercar is currently being built in California on an Atom chassis. However, its builder stated that there is little left from the original. The chassis has been further stiffened in order to handle the extra power of the engine, the suspension system is all new and lighter than the original and the car now comes with a body which is an upgrade over the Atom. The first model has already been sold for an impressive $200,000 but in the future price is expected to drop, especially since the car will take less time to be built.

Rezvani Beast

Rezvani Beast Supercar Engine

The engine is quite an unusual setup. It uses the same 2.4 liter block as the Atom but this time it has been turbocharged and supercharged. The end result is that the car now makes 500 horsepower and an undisclosed amount of torque. We expect it to have at least 350 lb-ft of it on tap, especially since the Atom had more than 240 lb-ft. The engine is mated as standard to a 6 speed manual which sends the power to the rear wheels via a mechanical limited slip differential. However, a 6 speed sequential gearbox is also available on order. The top speed or acceleration are unknown but considering the car weighs just 1,650 pounds, we expect it to hit 60 MPH in as little as 2.5 seconds and get to a top speed higher than 170 MPH.

Rezvani Beast Supercar Gallery

Design of Exterior And Interior

The design is the selling point of this car because it looks like nothing else on the road. The car is low, it looks mean and even though there are no doors or even a roof, the Rezvani Beast Supercar managed to become the best looking car to come from the US in 2014. The interior is quite minimalistic in order to save as much weight as possible but there are two seats which are padded in a weather resistant fabric, a multifunctional steering wheel as well as a fully digital instrument cluster which will display all the needed information. The center console also gets an optional tablet-like infotainment system with internet access and a GPS connection.

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